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never in my life have i seen such

pretty little monsters


so how about we become monsters together,
and turn this world upside down?

CHEN IS. super fantastic. ~mysterious~. neglectful of this journal.

THIS LJ IS. a home for the lost waifs and scrappy bratlings known as my fic. chiefly
old, squirm-inducingly bad fic, but there's some other things kicking around. :D

MY OBSESSIONS ARE. wide-ranging and often revolving. the series currently occupying the majority of my headspace is

x-men: first class

. (see thouwishest for general depravity and that nonsensical chimerical of a WW1 AU, which is where i spent most of my braintime these days). i also have an unhealthy adoration for new girl, 30 rock, puella magi madoka magica, inception, and adventure time.

picture codelayout courtesy of estiloamor
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